Individual Series are designed to maximize your time, energy, and financial commitment. Using phone calls, SKYPE, ZOOM, and private email creates a flexibility and immediacy that once a week office sessions cannot easily match.


Quick Start

Option 1: Quick Start

Three Sessions, Three Tools, Three Nudges...In up to Three Months.

Quick Start is an introductory package I am delighted to offer clients who are new to coaching and want to see what working with me is like.

We will focus on one core piece of your unique challenge through dialogue, support and evidenced based activities and strategies that will give you as much as possible in the shortest time. Once completed, you will have a useful template to use in many areas of your life.

The Quick Start Package touches upon the three critical aspects of improving the bottom line of anything:

Clarity of goals and values

Getting out of your 'own way'

Strategic and realistic go forward plan


 The Quick Start Package includes:

           ● An introductory call

           ● 3 60 minute phone or Zoom sessions

           ● Individualized worksheets

           ● reasonable between session emails

           ● A 911 call



 Long Game

Many of you are in transitions (chosen or otherwise) that are complex.  Familiar and go to patterns of managing, thinking and acting are deeply ingrained but may not be useful or effective in this process. The Long Game is designed for individuals who are truly committed to using the EDGE to deepen and sharpen their understanding of what their bigger future looks like and move consciously toward it. The Long Game provides ongoing support, accountability, ideas and of course, nudges. 

The Long Game includes:

  • An introductory call
  • One or two individual telephone sessions per month
  • Individualized worksheets and activities
  • Email and 911 phone contact between sessions
  • A monthly nudge



  •  One and a half hours of pure intentional focus to get you moving.
  • The first hour is an individual phone call or SKYPE session designed to discover your focus word. You will leave with a powerful focus and some practical exercises to elaborate and energize your intention.
  • The second half hour is about 10 days later and this is intended to review the exercises and see where you need to continue to move past your edge.

Case Studies

  • Learn how Lily was able to improve her relationship with her daughter, set boundaries with own mother, and find the inner peace she was looking for. Read Lily's story.
  • Discover how Elizabeth moved through a series of challenges and disappointments to find lasting happiness, satisfaction, and a life worth living. Read Elizabeth's story.
  • Read about Joan, and her journey from feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied to being able to sustain her interest and enthusiasm about her life's vision. Read Joan's story