Living on the Edge: An Evening with Dr. Gail Howell-Jones PhD

I would like to thank Alex and the great Connect Team for the opportunity to present at the Salon. Connect’s approach to helping people navigate the very challenging and complex Edge called divorce is one I would honestly recommend to anyone facing this life transition. Click here to read Alex's feedback on this presentation

Workshops & Groups

A space to breathe and reflect. A starting point to the clarity that I hope to achieve.
The exercise in focus resonated deeply and gave me an anchor to move forward.
The workshop provided an opportunity to talk about myself without worrying what others think.
During the evening, I developed more acceptance for who I am. Fantastic.

My first word was not polite because I realized through this exercise that I needed space in my life. Through my caring for my children and family over the years I had ‘trained’ them to become helpless and not do anything for themselves. i knew I was getting burned out and I tried to set boundries with them but they did not hear me.
My word was resentful sounding but it spoke to how desperately I needed a break. it gave me the strength to hold firm and reset their expectations.
My next word was ‘bloom’ because after creating space I needed to focus on myself. I have now slowly made more time and care for myself over the last 9 months. I am now a priority and all becuase of the ah-ha moment I had due to something as simple as a word. Alex

Individual Post-Workshop Sessions

Dr. Gail really helped pull together my scattered thoughts so that I saw self-defeating patterns and learned practical ways to challenge these patterns. She believed in me until I could. My life has changed.
— Workshop attendee, after additional post-workshop sessions

Quick Start (3 Sessions)

Working with Gail was an absolutely beautiful and insightful experience for me. I have struggled for years with feelings of overwhelming stress and inferiority. I never really felt it was ‘bad enough’ to need therapy, but I was barely keeping my head above water and I knew I needed help. Gail kindly but firmly opened my eyes to reality. She guided me to see and understand myself clearly, love and accept myself more fully, and helped me to make a plan for change. Even within our first couple of sessions she was already honing in on patterns and habits that I failed to recognize in myself, and that awareness alone was a huge step toward change. I was so surprised and impressed with how much we accomplished, and how far I came in a short amount of time. She truly saved me from myself, and I am so thankful. (2016)

Gail’s ability to turn verbal processing into concise sentences that rang true for me. Gail ability to ask profound questions that sometimes stump me (which leads to contemplation). Helping me come up with more realistic goals, that were better suited and more comfortable for my current situation (pregnant and working). Helping me drop some unnecessary “shoulds”.

Thank you so much Gail for your gentle tweaks and nudges JK 2017