We hear a lot about the universe giving us stronger and stronger messages when we do not pay attention to more gentle nudges. One day we are facing a huge problem - financial, health, relational, or professional.  And as human beings always do, we seek to understand the ‘why’, to create a narrative - a story about what happened in order to make sense of it and carry on in an unpredictable world.

Some years ago I set my intention to have a business that was meaningful in terms of connecting and working with individuals facing a life Edge whether by circumstance or choice. I wanted to walk the Edge with them because I did not believe it’s necessary or even useful to walk it alone.  It’s just too lonely and takes too much precious time.  If you read my story at gailhjones.com it will help you understand my motivation and what still drives me in this work.

I also wanted flexibility and time freedom to engage in and enjoy people, activities and self-care but a full on professional life as a clinical psychologist and entrepreneur left little time or energy for anything like that.

I thought I was doing okay in this unbalanced life, believing the future would reward me.  More importantly I thought I had all the time in the world and could avoid the risk of making 'premature' choices. Then I had a health scare.  I realized that my health was something I had always taken for granted.  I couldn’t continue to do it all at superwoman intensity. Or if I did, it was going to take an unacceptable toll.  I had to make some choices and take some risks.

My point here is that I resisted and whined and then concluded that because of this Edge I needed to become more focused - or refocused on my original intention.  I had gone off track. I wanted my decisions to be risk free.  The outcomes certain. I agreed to roles and responsibilities that were not truly aligned with my intention but taken on from fear, obligation, apathy, guilt and so on.

Now was my health scare a nudge from the universe? Or was I simply creating a meaningful story around an unexpected challenge? And did it really matter which it was? The outcome was a needed re-evaluation of how I was living my life and how I wanted my future to look.   I needed to embrace uncertainty and tolerate my fears around taking risks and choosing.


 So refocus and recommit to your intentions. It’s ok to make meaning around setbacks or challenges. Whether it is the universe outside or inside, something is nudging you. Pay attention.

My passion is helping people find their way beyond hard Edges and begin to play in a bigger future.  If you are committed finding your way beyond the Edge I would love to talk.