Mindfulness - Why should I care?

Find out why increasing numbers of busy, over-extended, professional women are making it a priority to integrate mindfulness practices into their lives. Like you, they have no extra time, so … what do they know, that you don’t?

In this small and intimate gathering of like-minded women, you will learn:

  • Current research showing why mindfulness is fast-becoming a relevant and valuable practice in everyday life. 
  • Why a lack of mindfulness in your life could cost your bottom line.
  • What mindfulness really means, and how it relates to you and your life.
  • Why and how mindfulness is a useful and effective practice for your personal situation.
  • How to engage in both formal and informal mindfulness practice.

During this workshop, you will actively participate to:                       

  • experience both a formal and informal mindfulness activity
  • set a realistic mindfulness goal
  • identify barriers that could hinder your success
  • brainstorm ways to overcome your unique challenges

After this workshop you are invited to a complimentary individual phone call with me to see how your practice has been progressing.