Successful women take calculated risks and intuitive leaps to grow their businesses or move forward in their careers. In my 25 years of working with change, it has become abundantly clear that women who identify their personal lives as vital and meaningful take similar risks and leaps. A truly satisfying personal life, like a thriving business, does not just happen.

Find out how women who identify their personal lives as dynamic and meaningful, apply the principles of calculated risk to accomplish this and escape the endless cycle of ”what if..?”

In a small and comfortable setting with other women who want to increase meaning and vitality in their personal lives you will learn:

  • exactly what ‘personal risk tolerance’ means and how lacking it can hold you back from the meaningful and vital personal life you desire
  • surprising ways risk intolerance shows up in your life
  • evidenced based strategies to improve personal risk tolerance and make it work for you

During this workshop, you will actively participate to:

  • identify a personal priority area or theme
  • recognize some ways risk intolerance is showing up for you
  • set a personal target area
  • brainstorm realistic steps to increase risk tolerance in this area

After this workshop you are invited to a complimentary individual phone call with me to see how the strategies are working for you.