I no longer make New Year resolutions and I tell my clients to forget them as well.  Why?

Because Resolutions Have a High Failure Rate.

● Too foggy - such as “I want a better relationships”,” I want to meet someone”, “I want to make more money”,” I want to lose weight or get in shape”.

● Or avoidance focused – such as “I want to stop smoking”, “I want to avoid…. X Y or Z”.


There was a time I made resolutions. At best the outcomes were weak tea versions of my hopes. I made a resolution to get in shape.  I think I made it to the gym a few times a month.  I made a resolution to stop wasting time and ‘get on with my life’.   I don’t know if I actually stopped wasting time because I really had no clarity around what that meant.  I do know my life didn’t go anywhere different.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to the idea of envisioning.  She insisted I read a couple of books along the lines of attracting what we want in life.  I did it to stop her nagging at me.  Yes that was my only reason.  But surprisingly something in the ideas resonated and kept turning over in my mind.

So I ignored the parts that I found too unlike me and kept the parts that felt right. I began to set intentions - a bit sheepishly and on the QT to be honest.  The results? I cannot tell you in this brief article how amazing things became as I moved from resolutions to intentions. And I have not looked back.

Admittedly, setting intentions can be a little more time consuming but intentions have energy and stamina. They create a sense of possibility in our lives. They keep us accountable and are a constant guide and benchmark for both conscious and unconscious choices.



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One of my first power words was ‘Leap’.  And leap I did - past the Edge – into change, into life, into a whole new world.

Another subsequent important word for me was Fearless.  I did things during that time that set off a flurry of butterflies in my belly. And the sky did not fall on my head.  In fact I began to thrive.

Last year the word that came to me was ‘MOVE!.  And move I did – travel, relationship moving forward, moving to a home I love, work and private practice transformed.  It was a marvelous time as this word ‘moved’ through my life in ways I had not at all expected.

The second thing I did was create a multidimensional image of what my vision looked like.  I got really specific and at the same time just let my imagination run a little wild. 


I want my clients to experience success.

So I tell them forget resolutions.

And then I talk to them about setting intentions.


Two Amazing Ways to Create Intention

Vision Mirror


Power Word


If you are seriously committed to change or just want to navigate an edge in your life with greater chance of success call me to talk about my intention setting program. Or check it out on my website under services.

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