An ’edge’ is defined as the marking line between what was and what will be. A space of transition.

Life is full of edges, some soft but some very hard and painful. Whether you welcome aspects of a change or not, being in the EDGE zone presents challenges to your sense of self, the world and others. You are forced into a process of re-definition, re-envisioning, and re-engagement. You are pushed into a flux of ever changing reality and sense of self. You may feel quite lonely and out of step with everyone else.

As I said, edges can be painful and risky –they can be very hard to transition. Whether you liked your old world or not, you knew or thought you knew who you were and what ‘reality’ was.  Now you are walking unknown territory and it’s hard to predict who you will be when you move past the edge.  You often feel lost and uncertain and perhaps even afraid of what will be. The beliefs you held about yourself, your value and your worth, get rocked. When you hit an edge you may begin to question everything

However the greatest risk is this:  if you don’t start to define your own future that future will create itself – very often using old templates and models which are unlikely to bring you contentment, peace or meaningfulness. Chances are the future will look like the past with the same old pain, vulnerability, and discontent.

At the edge there is a often a struggle between self-endorsing and supportive conversations with yourself and self-defeating, critical ones. Simple stories you tell yourself such as,”I’m too old”, “My kids need me”.  Or sentences that begin with “I should…”

Unfortunately, often this self-defeating chatter gets more quickly and energetically activated and runs the show.

Self-defeating conversations cloud your ability to re-define, re-envision and re-engage.  To influence the landscape the other side of the edge. With these stories come emotions that drown your resolve when you and keep you pacing back and forth at the edge, afraid to act. Automatically you focus your energy on finding the closest thing to your old world.

But edges offer opportunity as well as risk and loss. Opportunity to create your bigger future. Opportunity to find your bigger self.

So if you feel trapped in a whirlpool of flux, begin by askingyourself,” is the way I am talking to myself making this process even more painful and threatening than it is already”?  How am I holding myself back?

If you are serious start by becoming aware of how you talk to yourself.  Write down your self-discouraging words. Note your emotions.  Awareness initiates change.


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The EDGE Series Is Designed To

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So take a minute to think about the conversations you most frequently have with yourself.

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